2017 Congress “Displacement: Our World in Motion” Call for Papers and Contributions from practice

Salzburg Congress on Urban Planning and Development (SCUPAD)

Call for papers and contributions from practice: DEADLINE January 15.

SCUPAD Congress- May 11-14, 2017, Salzburg, Austria

Congress Topic: “Displacement: Our World in Motion”

The 2017 SCUPAD Congress will address challenges faced by cities and regions everywhere struggling to provide healthy and fair environments for an increasing number of new citizens. We invite professionals, policy makers, NGOs, citizen-practitioners, activists and academics to submit papers or practical accounts of their experiences in trying to provide space for the new arrivals.

Our world is in motion. Every year, millions of people leave their birthplaces, either voluntarily or forcibly, to look for economic or educational opportunities, a safe environment or simply a better life. This has implications for how our cities and regions are managed and designed.

According to the United Nations, the migrant stock rose from 154.2 million in 1990 to 231.5 million in 2013[1]. Global movements of people are triggered by large structural processes such as globalization, modernization, and blatant inequality between the Global South and the Global North. Although most immigration policies are dealt with by national states, it falls on the shoulders of local governments to find solutions to house and integrate millions of new citizens every year.

We expect to look deeply at a wide range of problems, from the flagrant gentrification of central London, a consequence of moneyed immigrants locating to that area to housing policies in German cities where the arrival of about a million refugees in 2015 has created economic and social changes. We are seeking relevant accounts of experiences from all over the world to share and learn from. We are particularly interested in policies, projects and actions that aim to provide new arrivals with healthy environments for living, while integrating them in their host society.

Document Prepared by Roberto Rocco, Andreas Schulze Bäing, Petra Hirschler and Isabel Hill